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Opening the doors to a consistent income stream for telecom businesses. But it’s not just about recurring revenue. It’s also about substantial cost savings.
Many of your enterprise clients currently depend on third-party voiceover studios, incurring unnecessary monthly expenses. Likewise, SME clients often struggle to find budget-friendly alternatives. empowers you to reclaim those margins and offer professional, high-quality recordings to enhance your phone services by eliminating the need for big monthly fees paid to traditional on-hold companies.

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Nicky Kowalewski
Nicky Kowalewski
Meta Comms Director
Read More
Morning, did a system demo yesterday and live demo of for a potential customer and they absolutely loved it! Whoop whoop 😊 x
Pete Downes
Pete Downes
Spire Telecom Director
Read More has been a game changer for us, our customers are loving the platform. The onboarding process with the team has been a doddle.

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Simplify Your Customers Experience with OpenAI Integration

In the ever-evolving world of telecom reselling, customer satisfaction rests on providing seamless user experiences. Enter a groundbreaking solution: the integration of OpenAI’s GPT into the customer portal for Gotalk AI Voice Generator. This innovation reshapes how businesses build phone system greetings and on-hold scripts.

  • Seamless Onboarding, Personalised Scripts: This integration streamlines user onboarding by prompting essential business questions upon login. These inputs fuel the auto-generation of tailored phone system scripts, saving time and effort while ensuring personalised messaging.
  • Effortless Customisation: Imagine users effortlessly editing ready-made scripts to match their brand identity. This feature encourages active engagement, fostering a sense of ownership over their messaging content.

  • Engagement and Retention: Simplifying the script creation process boosts user engagement. By offering a user-friendly interface and customisable options, it encourages continued usage and loyalty.

  • Reseller Empowerment: Resellers gain a competitive edge by showcasing the simplicity and effectiveness of this integration. It becomes a compelling selling point, highlighting the ease with which end customers can adopt and utilise Gotalk AI Voice Generator.

Gotalk Partner Program

Integrating OpenAI’s GPT into the customer portal for Gotalk AI Voice Generator sets a new standard for simplicity and customisation in telecom services. It not only streamlines operations but also fosters stronger user engagement, setting the stage for a new era in Phone System Greetings.

Ai Phone System Messages

Experience the Next Level in Phone System Greetings!.
Listen to our meticulously crafted phone system greetings and messages to witness the lifelike quality and professionalism firsthand. Our recordings, created and downloaded in less than 5 minutes, showcase the efficiency and excellence we bring to your business. These expertly designed messages deliver clarity, warmth, and professionalism, setting a seamless experience for your callers.

Click Below To Listen To Some Examples

Phone System Auto Attendant audio

Auto Attendant Greeting

On Hold Marketing 1

Phone System Auto Attendant audio

On Hold Marketing 2

Out Of Hours Message

Marketing Tools White Labelled For Your Business

Partner Program Resources at Include:

* Professionally crafted marketing brochures highlighting AI voice generator features and advantages.

* White-labelled websites for a personalised and seamless customer experience.

* SMS campaigns optimised for maximum outreach and conversion.

* Access to training materials and sales collateral to enhance product knowledge and selling techniques.

* Ongoing support and dedicated account management to assist with any queries or needs throughout the sales process.

* Regular updates on product enhancements, new features, and market insights to keep you ahead in the industry.

* Customisable sales decks and presentations to effectively pitch and demonstrate the value of the AI voice generator to your clients.

* Exclusive access to beta features or early releases to stay ahead of the competition and offer unique value to your customers.

Gotalk Partner Marketing Campaing

Branded Videos Created For Your Business

White Labelled User Interface

Level Up Your Brand With Our White Labelled User Interface

Congratulations You Are CORRECT

Well Sort Of, They Are Actually
Both Ai Voices !!

Both Were Made With Gotalk Studio.

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