A New Era for Voice Prompts + On Hold Marketing

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At GoBig Online, we are pleased to announce a significant partnership with Info On Hold, a company known for its expert voice-over services to telecoms companies. This collaboration is set to transform the way businesses handle their on-hold marketing, IVR prompts, and more.


The landscape of voice communication is changing. Traditional recordings are being overtaken by the future of AI voice technology. Gotalk.ai, our innovative product, is leading this shift with its quick, flexible, and cost-effective solutions that surpass traditional methods.


Simon Langford, CEO of Gotalk.ai, shares his thoughts: “We are thrilled to partner with Info On Hold. This collaboration marks a significant step towards modernising voice communications. Our technology allows organisations to adopt AI with ease, ensuring they stay at the forefront of their industry.”


Mark Nurdin, Director of Info On Hold, also remarks on the partnership: “Partnering with Gotalk.ai allows us to offer state-of-the-art solutions to our clients. As the demand for efficient and adaptable voice solutions grows, Gotalk.ai is the ideal addition to our services, promising improved customer satisfaction.”


The Benefits for Resellers:

Our partnership benefits not just direct users but also aims to support resellers. Gotalk.ai can be fully white-labelled, allowing resellers to maintain their own branding while offering their clients top-tier, innovative voice solutions. This flexibility ensures that resellers can seamlessly integrate Gotalk.ai into their existing services, maintaining a consistent and professional brand image.


Moreover, adopting Gotalk.ai will enable resellers to lessen the load on their support desks. Customers can create their own recordings as needed, which reduces the need for constant backend support and frees up valuable resources. Additionally, the subscription model introduced with Gotalk.ai provides resellers a steady revenue stream, moving away from the high one-time costs associated with traditional recordings. This not only makes the service more attractive to customers but also boosts profitability for resellers.


A Call to Action:

We invite any interested resellers or businesses to contact Mark at Info On Hold for a Teams demo of Gotalk.ai. See first-hand how this partnership can improve your service offerings and satisfy your customers with efficient, modern solutions.


In conclusion, the partnership between GoBig Online and Info On Hold is a forward-looking move that promises substantial benefits for all parties involved. It’s time to move towards the future of voice communication with Gotalk.ai and leave behind outdated methods. Join us in this exciting journey to transform communications across industries.

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