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GoBig Online and The Telcoinabox Group Join Forces 
to Expand Gotalk.ai Reach

In a strategic move that promises to transform the telecom industry, GoBig Online and Telcoinabox have announced their partnership. The collaboration aims to empower telecom resellers across the country by providing them with access to Gotalk.ai, an innovative AI voice generator deisgned specially for telecoms resellers.

Gotalk.ai: Revolutionising Phone System Voice Prompts

Gotalk.ai, developed by GoBig Online, is set to revolutionise the way businesses handle voice overs. Traditionally, creating on-hold marketing messages, auto attendant prompts, and phone system recordings has been a time-consuming and costly process. Gotalk.ai changes the game by leveraging artificial intelligence to streamline this workflow.

What Does This Partnership Mean?

Telcoinabox, a well-established distributor serving telecom resellers nationwide, will now offer Gotalk.ai as part of its service portfolio. Resellers can provide their customers with an efficient and cost-effective solution for voice recordings. By eliminating the need for traditional voice over studios, businesses can save time and resources while maintaining high-quality communication. The Resellers will also create a strong recuring revenue stream as the software is offered to the end customer on a subscription model.

Quotes from the Partners


  • Simon Langford, CEO of GoBig Online: “We’re thrilled to partner with Telcoinabox. Gotalk.ai represents a leap forward in voice technology, and this collaboration ensures that telecom resellers can offer cutting-edge solutions to their clients.”
  • Damon Newbold, CEO of Telcoinabox: “Our resellers are always looking for innovative tools to enhance their services. Gotalk.ai aligns perfectly with our commitment to providing value-added solutions. We’re excited about the possibilities this partnership brings.”

About GoBig Online and Telcoinabox GoBig Online is a leading software company, specialising in AI-driven solutions. Telcoinabox, on the other hand, has a strong track record in serving telecom resellers, enabling them to thrive in a competitive market.

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