The quickest Way To Increase Your Margin In Telecoms

For telecommunications resellers, balancing revenue generation while offering innovative solutions is an ongoing challenge. GoTalk.ai’s potent Revenue Cost Calculator, intricately linked with OpenAI for on-hold script generation, stands as a vital tool empowering resellers to expand their offerings and drive revenue growth.

Understanding the Integrated Power

The Revenue Cost Calculator on GoTalk.ai harmoniously integrates with OpenAI, providing resellers with a comprehensive solution. Beyond estimating potential earnings from reselling GoTalk’s AI-driven phone systems, it also enables end-users to access custom on-hold scripts generated using OpenAI’s advanced language models.

Key Features and Functionalities

1. Estimating Revenue Potential

This calculator allows resellers to input various parameters specific to their business model, including customer base size, pricing structures, and additional services offered. This tailored approach ensures accurate projections of potential monthly revenue.

2. Integration with OpenAI

The integration with OpenAI enables resellers to offer added value to their customers. It allows end-users to access custom on-hold scripts generated by OpenAI’s language models, significantly enhancing the overall phone system experience.

3. Real-Time Insights

Utilising sophisticated algorithms, the calculator generates real-time revenue projections based on the input data. Simultaneously, the OpenAI integration ensures rapid generation of custom on-hold scripts for end-users, providing a holistic solution for resellers and their customers.

Benefits for Resellers and End-Users

1. Enhanced Revenue Projections

The Revenue Cost Calculator empowers resellers with data-driven insights for informed decisions. The OpenAI integration augments their offerings, boosting customer satisfaction and retention.

2. Personalised On-Hold Experiences

For end-users, the integration with OpenAI ensures bespoke on-hold scripts that align with their brand identity and messaging, delivering an engaging and personalised experience for callers.

3. Strategic Planning and Customer Satisfaction

Resellers can leverage insights from the calculator for strategic planning, while end-users benefit from enhanced phone system experiences through customised on-hold scripts, enhancing overall satisfaction.


The fusion of GoTalk.ai’s Revenue Cost Calculator with OpenAI’s on-hold script generation is transformative for resellers and end-users alike. It equips resellers with data-driven revenue projections and offers end-users custom on-hold scripts, ultimately enhancing the entire phone system experience.

Embrace this powerful integration to drive revenue growth as a reseller, offering not only innovative phone systems but also tailored on-hold experiences, setting your services apart in the competitive telecom market.

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